By now you've seen some films from videographers, and you are contemplating making a decision soon. It's likely you fall in one of two camps. You're in the, "I wasn't planning on hiring a cinematographer, but changed my mind last minute"! Or, you've seen a friend or acquaintances film on social media, and now you are trying to navigate what cinematographer to hire for your day. As with all in life, you'll find a wide range of quality for just about anything you can think of. Cinematography is no different. How do you ensure that you get that premium experience that you envisioned for your wedding day? There are some important things to watch for when deciding which videographer to book, here's some to help you in your quest:

The Work:

  • A wedding cinematography studio sets out to do the same thing as a movie director, to invoke emotion in their audience. When you watch sample films, what sort of emotional value do you get from them? Do your eyes well up for complete strangers, or are you focused on how pretty the Brides's shoes were?Are you drawn in to the story or distracted by awkward shots or sounds? Do you laugh or skip forward to see if something better lays head? Do you hit play and immediately become attentive, signaling that you have definitely found something pretty darn good?

The Brand:

  • In wedding cinematography, we believe one of the most important factors in delivering a premium experience is limiting the amount of clients every year, so that each film can receive the attention it deserves. Yup, you've heard that exact phrase probably 100 times by now. The truth is, that it is certainly correct. Every vendor says it, but they certainly interpret it differently.
  • A Boutique studio will adhere to this principal, serving less clients but putting out a level of quality and consistency unobtainable with much more than 25 weddings per year. Think about that number, that leaves 2 weeks for edit and delivery, assuming the studio gets 14 days off from work!
  • Do they sub out work to other shooters? The very best cinematographers build their brand from the ground up, and in the process, have formed a team of individuals who will work on these shoots with them. Shooting a live event with little to no control of the action requires a lot of thought and planning, and if the team has little experience working together, they can't be expected to be ready for inevitable challenges that come with that. Our team has been together since before the brand even existed, and we put in the time to plan and work on improving the product every year.
  • Does your cinematographer instill confidence? When you speak with your cinematographer, do you get the feeling that they are the best of the best just by the way that understand their own product, and explain their services to you?