Pre-Production Enhancements

Instagram Trailer 

Trailer Film

10 Minute Creative Film

Pre-Release Package: $499 A combo of edits to get everyone excited for your films release. This upgrade includes a 1.5 minute trailer film foreshadowing your upcoming film, along with a 60 second cutdown version for Instagram!

Film Length Upgrade: $300 per minute Extend the length of your creative film and include more of the footage and dialog that we captured!

Rehearsal Party Coverage: $950 plus accommodations. We can cover your rehearsal party and capture unique moments and speeches to integrate in to your wedding film, creating a truly unique experience for your you and your audience!

Add Aerial/Drone Footage: $350 We will capture aerial footage to create epic establishing shots of your locations! (weather/location permitting).

Multi-Day Events: $2,000 per each additional day, plus accommodations. Includes up to 6 hours of coverage with 2 cinematographers.

Creative Session: $Inquire for Pricing. Let us capture unique footage to use in your feature film. Anything from running on the beach to driving a Lamborghini, let's make a movie!

Additional Overtime: $350 per hour. Our packages are structured to cover a typical wedding day, though sometimes our clients request us to cover some really unique and creative things. Getting ready early in the morning at the salon, or a game of golf with the guys. If you have something like this in mind, let us know!

Translations and Subtitles: $50 per minute (total run time). We will translate from most languages in to any language subtitles your toasts, ceremony and/or other dialog, so that your audience can follow along with your international guests. 

Delivery Upgrades:

Same Day Edit:  $2,000

We will shoot and edit a 4 minute creative highlight film and show it by the cake cutting on your wedding day! *Replaces 4 minute feature film in base package.

Next Day Edit:  $1,250

We will shoot and edit a 4 minute creative highlight film and have it ready for you by the next business day! *Replaces 4 minute feature film in base package.

30-Day Express Delivery:  $According to Film Length

We will edit your entire package within 30 days under our express delivery platform. Pricing is based on the length of your creative film, at $200 per minute; i.e a 4 minute film at $800 for express delivery. *documentary edits included at no additional charge.

4K Mastering:  $2,000

Your film will be shot, edited and delivered in 4k resolution, future proofing your film for the next advancements in video technology. *digital delivery only

Disc Authoring:  Blu-ray Pricing: $595  DVD Pricing: $495

Digital is the new standard, and offers the most convenient and future-proof method for viewing your film. If you still wish to receive disc authoring, we can create a set of discs complete with premium artwork and packaging. *Includes 3 discs, each additional @ $50