Post-Production Enhancements

*No upgrades or re-edits offered after final edit confirmation.

Instagram Trailer 

Trailer Film

10 Minute Creative Film

Pre-Release Package: $499 A combo of edits to get everyone excited for your films release. This upgrade includes a 1.5 minute trailer film foreshadowing your upcoming film, along with a 60 second cutdown version for Instagram!

Film Length Upgrade: $300 per minute Extend the length of your creative film and include more of the footage and dialog that we captured!

Documentary Edits: $250 per from the following:

  • Ceremony
  • Toasts
  • Formal Dances
  • Grand Introductions
  • Cake/Cutting & Bouquet Toss
  • Inquire for other edits

Add Aerial/Drone Footage: $500 (Local) $800 (Outside NJ) Didn't order aerial footage? We can still capture aerial footage of your locations! Order this enhancement to add some impressive shots to your film.

Disc Authoring (3 discs):  Blu-ray Pricing: $595  DVD Pricing: $495 Digital is the new standard, and offers the most convenient and future-proof method for viewing your film. If you still wish to receive disc authoring, we can create a set of three discs, complete with premium artwork and packaging.

Translations and Subtitles: $50 per minute (total run time). We will translate from most languages in to any language subtitles your toasts, ceremony and/or other dialog, so that your audience can follow along with your international guests.