Below are some basic questions about our services. For a very handy wedding cinematography and videography glossary, click here!

+ How long does it take to receive our film?

Our contract gives us 6 months to complete your film, though we generally deliver much quicker than that, according to the length of the edit. We reserve this amount of time as a safeguard.

+ What do the documentary edits consist of?

Our Documentary edits are designed to give you the "best of both worlds" giving you a comprehensive, multi-camera, chronological edit of your ceremony, reception, along with plenty of party dancing footage. The ceremony will contain your processional, guest readings, homily, vows/ring exchange and recessional. Reception chapters include key events such as Introductions, first/parent dances, toasts, blessings, garter/bouquet, cake cutting, etc. While this is a typical format, many weddings under varying religions and/or traditions will have other events or moments, and we will include these in your documentary edits.

+ Do you offer raw footage?

Raw footage is offered in some of our packages, and can be purchased for an additional cost in others.

+ What type of equipment do you use?

We use the latest and ever evolving technology in cinema cameras and support gear, which helps us create beautiful images for your film. We are constantly updating our equipment every season, with the goal to improve our work year over year.

+ I love the way you weave sounds throughout your films, how do you get such great audio?

We take audio very seriously, it’s half of the film. We’ll put small Lavalier mics on the groom and officiant, hide a recorder at the podium, and tap in to your DJ’s mix board. In the film world, this is called dual-system audio.

+ What about travel costs? We are getting married outside the NJ/Philly/NYC metro area, in fact, it may be a destination wedding, how much to get you guys to come?

Outside the New Jersey, or Philadelphia metro areas is evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure that we are logistically prepared to create an awesome film for you. Please contact us for a custom proposal. *NYC may incur toll and parking costs.

+ Who picks the music for my film?

We ask that our clients trust us with all creative aspects involved in our work, and we will select the music for the film. This allows us creative freedom to deliver our style of wedding cinema, and also to comply with all music copyright laws and support other creative artists. We will secure usage rights and cover all music rights fees for any songs used in your soundtrack.

+ Are you guys invisible on my wedding day?

No, we aren’t, but we constantly receive funny comments from our clients. They sometimes wonder if we even made it to the reception. It’s our goal to always be shooting candidly, and unobtrusively as possible. With three camera’s, we can sit from afar and capture intimate moments with out running around your ceremony to get a terrific shot.

+ Do you provide Photo or Bundle services?

We specialize specifically in videography. While we will work gracefully with all of the vendors that you choose, we would be happy to provide you with referalls for any other servies that you need!

+ Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a full liability insurance policy, and we are a registered business.