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South Asian Wedding Trailer - Valley Regency, Clifton NJ

New Jersey meets Texas in this energized South Asian wedding. The hot summer sun and threatening storm clouds didn't slow these two families down. The groom arrives in his 4x4 Austin style, and the rest is history!

Inzi Wedding Films produces South Asian / Indian Wedding video across the United States, and is available for luxury destination weddings.

Video: Inzi Wedding Films
Photo: Ron Soliman
Venue: Valley Regency
Coordination: Sneh diwan
Entertainment: Luxe Entertainement
Make Up Artist: Cinderella Bridez
Decor: Partyland Sajawat

Teaser Trailer ~ Marlenny & Marlon ~ Wedding Videographer ~ Wedding Cinematography ~ Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange NJ

Back again we were at The Pleasantdale Chateau for Marlenny & Marlon's grand wedding event. We had some brand new tools on the scene for this one, and we've been treated to some amazing results! Have a peek at this wedding teaser trailer, and stay tuned for the final feature film! INZI Wedding Films is a wedding videographer and wedding cinematographer serving the Philadelphia, New Jersey and NYC areas. We are also available for destination and other luxury events.

Melissa & Tim ~ Teaser Trailer ~ Rockleigh Country Club~ Rockleigh, NJ ~ Wedding Videography

Check out the teaser trailer for Melissa & Tim's upcoming feature film! We were thrilled to be back at the Rockleigh Country Club to shoot what is going to be one swell wedding video! The ceremony was set against a falling sun on a gorgeous day, and the slight breeze set the tone for a beautiful and heart-warming celebration of love. The Rockleigh is a terrific location and we always love shooting here. The ballroom is simply amazing and we are always, ALWAYS pleased with how beautiful this venue implements it's lighting. Never harsh, and always elegant. The Rockleigh provides all the right touches for some terrific wedding cinematography!

INZI Wedding Films is a boutique wedding videographer, serving NJ, NYC, Philadelphia and also luxury destination weddings. We provide wedding cinematography services worldwide.

Marie & Mark ~ The Estate at Florentine Gardens ~ Feature Film ~ Wedding Cinematography ~ NJ Wedding Videography


On a absolutely stunning mid-summer day, Marie & Mark tied the knot at The Estate at Florentine Gardens. This venue, nestled near the NY/NJ border, hosted an intimate wedding with the ceremony and reception at the same location. Mark prepped for his day at a suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, a surprise for his bride later that day. A nervous groom fine tuned the details as he would see his bride at their first look just hours later. Marie, ever calm and full of smiles, prepared for her day among her bridesmaids.

The Ceremony at The Estate at Florentine Gardens was beautiful and romantic. The open space sat at just the right angle from the late afternoon sun, enhancing the tender words from Marie & Mark's officiant. The Reception took place in the Estate's Ballroom, which is enveloped in large paned windows which let in the beautiful setting sun. When day becomes night, the sparkle of the string lights outside creates the most magical environment for a wedding reception.

We were treated to a FANTASTIC display by a trio of belly dancers, who entranced the audience in a display of swords and lights. It's a day where a couple so deep in love shared their vows and committed to act other for an eternity, and it was an honor to be there as their wedding cinematographer to capture their day.

INZI Wedding Films is a NJ Wedding Cinematographer serving Philadelphia, New Jersey, NYC and weddings worldwide.

Wedding Cinematography/Videography at the Somerset Palace. Highlights Film ~ Maryanne & Giuseppe


We were thrilled to be back at The Palace at Somerset for yet another amazing shoot. The Palace has always been one of our favorite venues for their excellent coordination and simply beautiful ballroom. Working with Maryanne & Giuseppe was equally beautiful and we captured some amazing footage from a big party with a bunch of high-energy Italian folks. The fireworks display is a signature offering at the Palace, and we were able to incorporate some of the amazing cinematography. Getting married at The Palace at Somerset too? Give us a shout if you would like to inquire about our NJ Wedding Videography services for your wedding day!

2016 Winner and Hall of Fame!


We are extremely excited to announce that we have once again been selected as a winner of The Knot's "Best of Weddings" awards in wedding cinematography. We are extremely grateful for all of our success and we could not have done it without our couples, so this one is for you! And, there's more! This has been our fifth year in a row winning a Best of Weddings award, and as such, we've also been inducted in to The Knot's "Hall of Fame". These past five years have been an exciting journey as we have honed our style of videography, and we are excited for all the new things we are going to be implementing for 2016.

Same Day Edit! ~ The Park Savoy, Florham Park, NJ.

One of the craziest undertakings for a wedding videographer, is delivering a same day edit for a client. Just as the name implies, we were just crazy enough to shoot and edit this beautiful short film that was ready in time to show at the cake cutting during the reception! In all seriousness, this isn't that crazy... we've developed a system that allows us to deliver a full featured package, and still create one of these for our clients. For us, it was truly exhilarating to see the crowd go wild after the final shot.

Contact us to learn how we can create one of these for you!

Feature Film ~ The Rockleigh ~ His Princess Bride ~ NJ Wedding Cinematography

Another terrific shoot at the Rockleigh Country Club, Kawsar & Mark shared their story in an intimate affair with family & friends. Click play!

All music licensed and used by permission.




INZI Wedding Films a wedding cinematographer based out of NJ, servicing NYC, Philadelphia, The Hamptons, Washington DC, Baltimore and destination weddings. Specializing in premium wedding videography, INZI Wedding Films are award-winning cinematographers creating unique and compelling films.

What is an INZI Wedding Film?

Bringing in the new year, it's time to start educating again. We want our clients to know what makes us unique so hopefully, they might find us to be the perfect wedding cinematographer for their event! Couples today are extremely lucky, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to wedding video, I think that we can finally say that our niche in the industry has finally caught up to all of the other vendors that make up the perfect wedding day. So what makes INZI different from the rest?

It's true, I watch tons and tons of wedding videos, films, montages... and on and on. I admire some, skip through some, and like many of them. Doing so today got me thinking. Why do I think we are one of the best out there? Well, it's not because i'm conceited towards our work (I hope), but probably more so because I'm a fan of our style!

What i've noticed is that there are a LOT of flavors out there, you've got traditional documentaries, fast paced vignette's that work as "moving slideshows", musical driven highlights... all sorts of styles. when it comes to an INZI wedding film, I'd like to think that our films would be viewed as "magical".

I use the term "magical", since I am a HUGE cinema fan. From "The Third Man" to "Interstellar", I love all types, all genres, and you'd be hard pressed to name a film I haven't seen. And if I use one word to describe what I think makes a great movie, it's definitely "magical". It's true, we are documentarians on your wedding day, but I use every time tested trick in the book to make your wedding video..... I mean FILM... "Magical".

Even though we are certainly shooting candidly, and you might find us hard to spot on your wedding day, we shoot and edit to make your film feel like a narrative film. Thinking about this got me to focus on the three major keys to a successful INZI Wedding Film:


We shoot all types of images, each used in a certain way in your film. But what I really, really aim for, are a few of those breathtaking shots that show at the right time, raising the heart rate a little. They don't come out of our camera that way either, we spend a ton of time creating a color palette that lifts the film from a documentary feel to a true moviegoing experience. I love rich texture and warmth! I love soft, natural light whenever possible, and I love embracing the relationship of light and shadow. you don't always have to see a character in a movie to feel their emotion. And I love those times when we nail that in our wedding cinematography!


This is undoubtedly the biggest factor. You've got no Steven Speilberg without his editor Michael Kahn! It's so hard to describe what makes a good edit to someone with no filmmaking background, but when you watch our films, I hope you can feel the pacing, and can feel the momentum in them. That wave of emotion while watching a movie (and wedding video) is created through great editing. We want your experience to be magical. I really want you to see yourself on that screen and think, WOW, how did they do that!


Now, many clients can identify bad sound. And many ask about us how we capture things like vows and speeches. But the truth is, that most pro videographers will be able to handle this part of it. For us, it's daily routine. The other part comes down to the soundtrack and sound design. Does the edit and musical score flow together seamlessly? Do you have lyrics that compete with natural dialog? What about other sounds? Waves crashing, birds chirping, people mingling? Here's one of my hidden talents... My first degree is that of a recording engineer! Music is a big part of my soul, and I can spend days chopping, mixing and laying a beautiful soundtrack in our films. It's the unnoticed and under appreciated apsect of filmmaking!

Well, If you made it this far, congratulations! You now know what we feel makes us unique, and if our style is right for you, then we would love to hear from you!

2014 ~ A Year in Review

2014 was absolutely memorable, we've created some of our most amazing films with equally amazing couples. Somehow, we've managed to fit 28 weddings in here through audio & video. (Even the one we shot on the very last minute of 2014). We can't wait for what comes next, and to start working on news ways to create memorable wedding films. Before we do that, it's important that we take a look back at all of our terrific experiences! Happy New Year, and thank you to all of our couples!

Leslie & Jonathan ~ Highlight Film ~ Trump National ~ Bedminster, NJ

Leslie & Jonathan shared their vows amongst family and friends, and we were happy to be the wedding videographer to capture it all. From the intimate moments shared in the early hours of the day, through the amazing party at the Trump National, watch the love unfold for these two soul mates!

Produced under Collection 3 All Music used licensed and used by permission.

INZI wedding Films is a NJ Wedding Videography & wedding cinematographer, serving all of NJ, NYC, Philadelphia, and Destination weddings.

Jackie & Mark ~ Teaser Trailer ~ The Pleasantdale Chateua

Jackie & Mark's wedding at one of our personal favorite venues, The Pleasantdale Chateau, was a day to remember. Basically, a bunch of folks hopped the pond to see a bride perform The Notorious B.I.G.'s 90's classic, "Juicy". And a few other things happened too. Stay tuned for the upcoming feature film!

Feature Film ~ Cassie & Keith ~ Lake Valhalla Club, Montville NJ

Welcome to The Lake Valhalla Club, the lakeside setting and gorgeous backdrop for Cassie & Keith's fantastic wedding. From the intimate early moments of the day until the bonfire late in the evening, friends and family gathered to celebrate the joining of this perfect couple! Produced under Collection 4.

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Photography by: Ben Lau Venue: Lake Valhalla Club

Featurette ~ Fayella & Jerry ~ The Pleasantdale Chateau ~ West Orange NJ


I met Jerry & Fayella as a chance of fate, they brokered my first mortgage! These two are the type of people that you learn to like right away, and the only thing that stands out more than their work ethic is the love & passion that they share for one another. They are each other's rock, something that is easy to see in this highlight featurette, which is just a precursor to the full feature coming soon! When they booked with us, it was clear that their film was very important to them and that this production was something that they were thrilled to participate in…. this is one of those pieces that shows what can be when we have couples passionate about cinema! Produced under Collection 3

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Photography by: Gabelli Studios Venue: The Pleasantdale Chateau

"An Unplugged Wedding" ~Thoughts from Walter Mitty


One frequent topic often discussed behind the scenes between wedding cinematographers and photographers, is the new wave of technology and it's impact on a wedding day. With everyone from your 5 year old niece to your 80 year old grandma now using smartphones and tablets, you now face the challenge of getting everyone to live your special moment with you, instead of experiencing it from behind a 4 inch screen. For me, it's something that I encounter in my personal life as well. It's very hard for my family to understand why I don't record all of the special moments in life, since i'm so great at it.... I mean, I'm a professional, shouldn't I be excited to do this?! If you haven't seen "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", I encourage you to watch it, it's a great film but be warned: SPOILER ALERT.

Towards the end of the film, Ben Stiller and Sean Penn share a scene that really moved me. Walter Mitty finds Sean Penn at the top of a remote mountain range, where he has been waiting for weeks to catch a glimpse of a rare Snow Leopard, so he can take the very first photograph of it in the wild. When the magical moment comes, Walter Mitty becomes perplexed when Sean Penn's character decides not to look through the viewfinder, and never takes the photograph.

Sean Penn tells Stiller, "it’s more important to enjoy the moment for yourself." and  “beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” This scene really moved me because it was at that moment that I had an explanation for my family. I don't want to watch my daughter grow up from behind my camera, I want to live in those moments with her.

I encourage our couples to remind their guests to leave their phones in their pockets, and to live this moment with them. You've hired your professional team to preserve these memories for all of you (and trust me, we are all better at it).

For a great read on this topic and how to implement an "unplugged wedding", check out this article by the terrific bloggers over at Off Beat Bride!

INZI Wedding Films is a boutique NJ wedding cinematographer studio, serving New Jersey, New York, the Hamptons and Philadelphia. We are also available for destination wedding cinematography.


Teaser Shots! ~ Jena & Teddy ~ Tendenza, Philadelphia, PA


Some random teaser images from our awesome day out with the super personable and friendly Jena & Teddy! Stay tuned for the upcoming feature film edit!  

INZI Wedding Films is a boutique NJ wedding cinematographer studio, serving New Jersey, New York, the Hamptons and Philadelphia. We are also available for destination wedding cinematography.

Featurette ~ Lauren & David ~ Mayfair Farm, West Orange, NJ

Lauren & David celebrated their wedding in the best way possible, surrounded by the people most important to them. The long lasting bonds between family and friends shines through in this film, and I promise that the title will make sense in the end! Produced under Collection 3

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Photography by: Vanessa Joy Venue: Mayfair Farms

Featurette ~ Joelle & Stephen ~ Womens Club of Glen Ridge, NJ

Well, what can I say. Despite the fast moving schedule of this terrific wedding, these two made it easy on us. I had a hard time deciding which shots to use for this edit, there were just so many good ones!! I guess you can call Joelle & Steve photogenic! (Videogenic??) Produced under Collection 3

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Venue: Womens Club of Glen Ridge

Laura & Dan ~ Instant Teaser ~ The Bethwood


To say that we had an amazing time working with these two would be an understatement. It felt like we were one of their guests, and there wasn't a shy soul in the building. This wedding had a unique theme, but I'm going to save that for when we begin the edit. All I will say, is that this wedding had a lot of "Stick". INZI Wedding Films is a boutique NJ wedding cinematography company that provides premium NJ Wedding Videography to the tri-state area, including NYC, Philadelphia, the Hamptons, and destination weddings. From formal estate weddings to pristine beach weddings, our new jersey wedding cinematography teams are experienced in the art of filmmaking.