beach wedding

Feature Film ~ Cassie & Keith ~ Lake Valhalla Club, Montville NJ

Welcome to The Lake Valhalla Club, the lakeside setting and gorgeous backdrop for Cassie & Keith's fantastic wedding. From the intimate early moments of the day until the bonfire late in the evening, friends and family gathered to celebrate the joining of this perfect couple! Produced under Collection 4.

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Photography by: Ben Lau Venue: Lake Valhalla Club

Featurette ~ Lisa & Alex ~ The Breakers Hotel ~ Spring Lake, NJ

Our next stop was on the beach in Spring Lake, as perfect backdrop for just these two and their parents, as they exchanged some of the most heart-warming vows I've ever witnessed. This film is all about the love these two share, it's absolutely a can't miss! Produced under Collection 3

Cinematography by: INZI Wedding Films Venue: The Breakers Hotel