Top 5 NJ Wedding Venues


*This is an ongoing thread, starting at number 5 through number 1, browse our blog to see them all!


There are a whole plethora of reasons that one venue might be perfect for you. This “Top 5″ review is not meant to state which venue is the best in our home state of New Jersey, but rather to recap some of our most memorable experiences from the previous calendar year. When we curated this list, one of the biggest factors was how the venue affected the quality of image we were able to capture. Things like lighting, scenery, space, and organization are some of the most important things that affect not only your cinematography, but also your photography! We travel quite often, so we’ve decided to make a topic only including venues in our home state. It’s already hard enough to decide!

Most of our clients or potential couples will already have decided and booked their hall. If yours isn’t on this list, don’t fret! If we were able to list all of the venues we loved, this list would be too long to read. These are just some of our personal favorites! So without further ado:


Here we are at Number 1! This ranking has proven to be truly hard to finalize, so many of the venues that we've shot at over the years are amazing. Still, we've got to deliver and rank them out, and The Pleasantdale Chateau really is a outstanding wedding venue. When it comes to wedding cinematography, there are some variables in the locations we will shoot at that have an impact on what the final wedding video ends up portraying. One of the things we often look at are the areas that the Bride and Groom will be getting ready in. As you can see from our films, a big part of the story element comes from this part of the day, so the location that we will be shooting in had a strong influence on the overall feel. Is there enough room for the family, the bridal party, and the cinematography and photography teams? What is the lighting like? How about sound, and overall ambience?

Well, the Chateau provides two suites for these prep sessions, and they score high marks in all these categories. Plenty of sunshine from the windows, lots of little areas with tons of character. This venue provides an ideal setting for us, and we love it!

What about the ceremony? Well, the grounds of this location seem to go on for ever, and there are so many beautiful areas for your photo sessions or first look, but the area provided for your outdoor ceremony is truly romantic and intimate. A tree-shaded lawn overlooking a glistening lake, the bride will approach from the magnificent main building, and your ceremony will provide an outstanding backdrop for not only your wedding, but also for your imagery teams.

Your cocktail can sprawl across and through the hallways and out on to the patio area, and your reception will feel truly elegant in the majestic ballroom of this venue. Top marks in coordination, professionalism, and beauty, it's easy to see why the Pleasantdale Chateua is one of New Jersey's most sought after and highly regarding wedding venues.

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