Wedding Videography Storytelling

"Story" is a term you are likely going to be hearing a lot about in your search for a wedding videographer. It's true that it's a word that is flung around a lot these days, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the fundamentals of storytelling are one of the most critical aspects of a high-quality wedding film. If you've already booked with us, I hope it was because our films made you feel something that inspired you and got you excited about your wedding day. 

It's true that our films look beautiful, our team is highly trained in cinematography, it was a major focus of my formal education and I try to find assistant shooters that carry the same background. The truth is, that the images are just a small part of the equation, and the secret in my sauce is added while in the editing room. And there is one element that makes our best films what they are... Storytelling.

We find our stories through dialog. It might come from the dialog of the day (Toasts, officiant, unexpected natural sound). Very often our clients will want to write love letters and share them in the film (we have a special way to incorporate those). And sometimes our clients aren't huge sharers, and they just want us to capture the day and find the story as it comes to us, and that's okay too!

So, now is a good time to start thinking about what kind of couple you are, and how you will want your story to unravel in your film. Are you writing your own vows? Maybe you have the very first love note written by either of you? Or are you a couple launching your own small business  as we speak (a creative session before the wedding might be awesome)?

As wedding videographers, it is a very fine line that we walk. One of the things we always consider when shooting your wedding day, is how our footprint will affect the romance. I am not one that pretends that we are going to be invisible while at your event. That's just simply impossible and these days no one should be surprised to see your videographer pulling off a cool shot during the reception. Still, we want to be unobtrusive to preserve the sanctity of your ceremony and romance or excitement of your wedding reception. 

We can still do that and go the extra mile to capture the story of you and how it correlates to your wedding. We like to capture special moments, like those love letters we mentioned earlier, but take them further. We can make these real moments seem just like they were scripted for the big screen, preserving them in a cinematic work of art that will amaze audiences 20 years from now. 

Hopefully as you consider who to hire as your next wedding cinematography team, you will see the differences, the extra mile that we travel while creating our films. To learn more about how we can make your wedding film memorable, contact us with your story!