Bride & Groom Getting Ready Locations.

One of my goals with these type of posts is to help you have a smooth wedding day, and to help us get some great footage (and photos from your photographer) to remember it all with. Some of our favorite footage from the day comes from the preparations. We get to capture things before everyone is in formal wear, taking in the excitement (and/or anxiety) and have a unique opportunity to capture the closest people to our couples. 

Lots of little surprise story elements can pop up here, and of course big moments (getting that wedding dress ready, sharing letters, gifts, toasts by the Groomsmen) too. One of my favorite tips here is quite simple. Get a good space to get ready in. First, if you want flattering images, having nice large windows with natural light pouring in really, really goes a very long way. 

Also, tight quarters can be claustrophobic not only for your video and photo teams, but also for you and your guests! I always recommend booking large suites for both the Bride & Groom if you are getting ready in a Hotel. We've covered just about every scenario you can imagine, so we are adept at making things work.... but a little effort thinking about how the location will impact your wedding video can really help us hit the home-run.

Also, don't forget to assign some bridal party members to keep the space tidy as possible. We work quickly and at times might not see that Big Gulp and Doritos bag on the table on our little screen. I've chipped in many of times to help out here.... if people slack off we definitely have your back... but you are paying us too much to do that instead of our shooting.

Think of location logistics too... it helps your timeline and the amount of coverage you might need to be closer to the next location. I hope you find this post informative and it helps you start thinking about how to tackle your pre-wedding logistics!