What is an INZI Wedding Film?

Bringing in the new year, it's time to start educating again. We want our clients to know what makes us unique so hopefully, they might find us to be the perfect wedding cinematographer for their event! Couples today are extremely lucky, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to wedding video, I think that we can finally say that our niche in the industry has finally caught up to all of the other vendors that make up the perfect wedding day. So what makes INZI different from the rest?

It's true, I watch tons and tons of wedding videos, films, montages... and on and on. I admire some, skip through some, and like many of them. Doing so today got me thinking. Why do I think we are one of the best out there? Well, it's not because i'm conceited towards our work (I hope), but probably more so because I'm a fan of our style!

What i've noticed is that there are a LOT of flavors out there, you've got traditional documentaries, fast paced vignette's that work as "moving slideshows", musical driven highlights... all sorts of styles. when it comes to an INZI wedding film, I'd like to think that our films would be viewed as "magical".

I use the term "magical", since I am a HUGE cinema fan. From "The Third Man" to "Interstellar", I love all types, all genres, and you'd be hard pressed to name a film I haven't seen. And if I use one word to describe what I think makes a great movie, it's definitely "magical". It's true, we are documentarians on your wedding day, but I use every time tested trick in the book to make your wedding video..... I mean FILM... "Magical".

Even though we are certainly shooting candidly, and you might find us hard to spot on your wedding day, we shoot and edit to make your film feel like a narrative film. Thinking about this got me to focus on the three major keys to a successful INZI Wedding Film:


We shoot all types of images, each used in a certain way in your film. But what I really, really aim for, are a few of those breathtaking shots that show at the right time, raising the heart rate a little. They don't come out of our camera that way either, we spend a ton of time creating a color palette that lifts the film from a documentary feel to a true moviegoing experience. I love rich texture and warmth! I love soft, natural light whenever possible, and I love embracing the relationship of light and shadow. you don't always have to see a character in a movie to feel their emotion. And I love those times when we nail that in our wedding cinematography!


This is undoubtedly the biggest factor. You've got no Steven Speilberg without his editor Michael Kahn! It's so hard to describe what makes a good edit to someone with no filmmaking background, but when you watch our films, I hope you can feel the pacing, and can feel the momentum in them. That wave of emotion while watching a movie (and wedding video) is created through great editing. We want your experience to be magical. I really want you to see yourself on that screen and think, WOW, how did they do that!


Now, many clients can identify bad sound. And many ask about us how we capture things like vows and speeches. But the truth is, that most pro videographers will be able to handle this part of it. For us, it's daily routine. The other part comes down to the soundtrack and sound design. Does the edit and musical score flow together seamlessly? Do you have lyrics that compete with natural dialog? What about other sounds? Waves crashing, birds chirping, people mingling? Here's one of my hidden talents... My first degree is that of a recording engineer! Music is a big part of my soul, and I can spend days chopping, mixing and laying a beautiful soundtrack in our films. It's the unnoticed and under appreciated apsect of filmmaking!

Well, If you made it this far, congratulations! You now know what we feel makes us unique, and if our style is right for you, then we would love to hear from you!