Wedding Cinematography ~ Demystified

In this blog post we will cover some common topics and terminology all things cinematography. If you are hunting around for the perfect wedding cinematographer, you'll no doubt encounter some things that are just down right confusing (especially if you are not familiar with the media world). Of course, to make it even more mystifying, some studios use terms in a different way. To make this search easier on you, we've put together a cheat sheet to help you understand these various aspects of wedding filmmaking, at least as how they relate to our studio.


Coverage is a term used to describe how the cameras' and their operators will record a particular part of the day, and in some cases, how long they will be covering your event. Specifically, we will often say, "shooting for coverage", meaning that we will aim to capture the event from multiple points and certain camera angles to create a "non-stop" edit of the event.


Cinematic refers specifically to creating an image that contains a artistic quality, that invokes an emotion. To put it simply, to create something that "looks like a real movie".


Documentary is a different type of style compared to cinematic. It means that the edit will be in a longer form, showing the event as it happened in real-time, using only natural sounds (for the most part).

Feature Film:

Feature film is used to describe a highly artistic, premium quality offering. While in the movie business feature film is used to describe a film 90 minutes or more in length, in the wedding world that just wouldn't be possible. There is simply not enough content in a day to create something so long, and keep the film fresh, entertaining and interesting. In our opinion, the very best films are edited to a 10-15 minute timeline, and the old saying "less is more" is extremely true here. While it's easy to ask for a longer film and think you are getting more for your money, the inside truth is that a shorter, meticulously edited film that contains a backing story element will be a MUCH more entertaining film to watch. If you ever feel the need to skip forward while watching a film, then that film should have never been made!


Highlights are usually a 3-5 minute short cut to one song, that encapsulates the entire day in a way that no other medium can do. It's one of the most popular edits because of the ability to create something that moves quickly and just about anyone would enjoy watching on social media.

Same Day Edit:

Take a mobile editor and hide him at your venue somewhere, and he or she will edit your highlight film in time for you to watch around dessert time. Talk about wow factor for your guests! This requires a very experienced studio to pull of consistently, and at a high quality level. Many brides get sticker shock with this option, but all who book it are amazed in the end!


Pretty much self explanatory, but what most couples don't realize initially is that having MORE cameras actually makes the cinematography team LESS noticed! When you don't have to worry about Uncle Bob blocking your camera because you have a couple others shooting the same thing, you can be much more creative, and stay further away from the action. We can't say this enough... NOTHING kills romance like videographers or photographers on the dance floor at a reception. With pro camera gear, there is no reason to be holding the groom's hand while you all enjoy your first dance. Put a premium on this!

Hope this helps while you search for the perfect vendor for your amazing day!

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