"An Unplugged Wedding" ~Thoughts from Walter Mitty


One frequent topic often discussed behind the scenes between wedding cinematographers and photographers, is the new wave of technology and it's impact on a wedding day. With everyone from your 5 year old niece to your 80 year old grandma now using smartphones and tablets, you now face the challenge of getting everyone to live your special moment with you, instead of experiencing it from behind a 4 inch screen. For me, it's something that I encounter in my personal life as well. It's very hard for my family to understand why I don't record all of the special moments in life, since i'm so great at it.... I mean, I'm a professional, shouldn't I be excited to do this?! If you haven't seen "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", I encourage you to watch it, it's a great film but be warned: SPOILER ALERT.

Towards the end of the film, Ben Stiller and Sean Penn share a scene that really moved me. Walter Mitty finds Sean Penn at the top of a remote mountain range, where he has been waiting for weeks to catch a glimpse of a rare Snow Leopard, so he can take the very first photograph of it in the wild. When the magical moment comes, Walter Mitty becomes perplexed when Sean Penn's character decides not to look through the viewfinder, and never takes the photograph.

Sean Penn tells Stiller, "it’s more important to enjoy the moment for yourself." and  “beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” This scene really moved me because it was at that moment that I had an explanation for my family. I don't want to watch my daughter grow up from behind my camera, I want to live in those moments with her.

I encourage our couples to remind their guests to leave their phones in their pockets, and to live this moment with them. You've hired your professional team to preserve these memories for all of you (and trust me, we are all better at it).

For a great read on this topic and how to implement an "unplugged wedding", check out this article by the terrific bloggers over at Off Beat Bride!

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