NYE Feature Film ~ $6,500

Our NYE collection contains the works, designed for the couple who seek the very best from their cinematography on a wedding night for the ages! Due to high-demand, We have created a single package to bring out the very best of our talents. In place of a highlights video or film, we will create a truly cinematic, story driven Feature Film running 10-15 minutes in length. It's the perfect amount of time to create a film that will fully encompass your day yet keep the action flowing. This film will AMAZE not only the couple, but your audience as well! You get the best of both worlds, when we supplement your creative cut with lightly edited documentaries of your ceremony and reception.

  • 3 Cinematographers
  • Coverage of preparations through ball drop (Up to 10 Hours)
  • Story Driven Editing
  • Dual-System Audio for pristine sound
  • 10 minute Feature Film
  • Documentary Edits of Ceremony, Introductions, Toasts, First/Parent Dances & party dancing
  • Online Hosting of Feature Film
  • Custom Wedding Film Website Hosting! (Downloadable)


*Additional costs will apply for all multi-day events. While we normally include travel in our pricing, travel charges may apply at studio discretion.