Making Wedding Films That Matter.

Daniel Inzitari - Videographer

Daniel Inzitari
Creative Director

Founder and Director at INZI Wedding Films, Daniel Inzitari approaches  wedding videography from a unique angle. Holding a B.A. in Film Production with a minor in Cinematography from FDU, his broad experience in screenwriting, camera, lighting, editing and audio lend a fresh perspective in this industry.

Not your ordinary wedding vendor.

Creating Wedding Films for nearly a decade, Dan founded INZI Wedding Films with the idea that his films can be engaging and memorable, and that these films can be created somewhere in the cross-section of wedding videography and narrative filmmaking. Each of his films are created with an intricate level of detail and obsession over his art in the editing room.

Dan has written, directed and produced many projects including advertising spots for major brands and small enterprises. His work on narrative feature and short films, including credits in the writing and directing department, provide unique experience and are essential reasons why the wedding films he produces capture the hearts of so many couples.

 What motivates him?

“One of the very first things I remember each and every mentor telling me while learning this craft was the old adage ‘A great story can save bad cinematography, but nothing can save a bad story’. We have beautiful looking films, but it is always about the story…and stories are about people.

 That’s what makes our films so special. We challenge ourselves to always capture what these special events mean to our clients, their families, and their friends, while always using candid techniques so that we are preserving the romance of your wedding ceremony and the excitement of your reception. These films are about people… and they look amazing too!”