Why Hire a Videographer?

Why should I Hire a Professional Videographer?

It is well known that a “Picture is worth a thousand words”, and that is exactly why you will most likely be hiring a photo journalist for your special occasion. It is equally true that a “Video is worth a thousand pictures”. Fast forward yourself one month from your special day. Imagine being able to relive all of the excitement and love all over again, being able to feel, see and hear your vows just as they happened in that moment. Jump ahead ten years, imagine popping in your video once again at a family get together, everyone hysterical watching Uncle Jim cut up the rug just a little too much. Fast forward again to 20 years from now. Think of the comfort of seeing your Parent’s love for you, re-living your dance with them, hearing them tell you how much they love you and how much happiness they hope for you and your new family.

It is for these reasons that having your own wedding film, created by a professional videographer, will ensure that these memories will always be there for you to re-live, at the push of a button.  You have spent countless hours picking out the perfect dress, organizing your guest list, writing and re-writing your seating plan, picking out the perfect place settings, the perfect flowers, the perfect venue, and the list goes on. The images that your photographer will give you will be wonderful, you’ll pick your favorite one and hang it on your wall. As timeless as these photos will be, they can not substitute the worth of a video.

Hiring a wedding videographer will be one of the greatest investments that you will make for your wonderful occasion. It is through your wedding video that you will re-live each and every special moment.

How Much Will a Videographer Cost?

Though we pride ourselves as having some of the most competitive and affordable videography packages in the NJ region, there is a common misconception that we hear every now and again, that wedding videography services should be less expensive than photography. A few things to keep in mind about a true professional videography package:

  •  A professional wedding videographer will spend well over $20,000 in video and sound equipment. Wedding videography requires high end camcorders, with no corners cut on image quality because of the common low light conditions of a wedding or similar event.
  • After the wedding is over, it can take the film editor 15-50 hours to edit the raw footage and tell the story of the day. The amount of time spent in this phase can not be overlooked. All of your other vendors can turn the page when your wedding is over, for a videography studio, it is just beginning to complete its service to you.
  • Never underestimate the word “Professional”. As a wedding videographer, you only have one shot to get it right, there are no re-takes in these real life events. Hire a professional, or you may regret not doing so once you see the results.
  • Many brides agree that hiring a Pro videographer to shoot their wedding was one of their best investments. There really is no substitute for having your own wedding video to enjoy for a lifetime.
When to Book Your Wedding Videographer?
Just as with your event venue, your DJ  or photographer, the best vendors will book up fast and early, very frequently a year ahead, or more! Since their are many less videographers than there are photographers, we recommend to start the inquiry process as early as possible, to ensure that you will be able to book a professional.