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There are a whole plethora of reasons that one venue might be perfect for you. This “Top 5″ review is not meant to state which venue is the best in our home state of New Jersey, but rather to recap some of our most memorable experiences from the previous calendar year. When we curated this list, one of the biggest factors was how the venue affected the quality of image we were able to capture. Things like lighting, scenery, space, and organization are some of the most important things that affect not only your cinematography, but also your photography! We travel quite often, so we’ve decided to make a topic only including venues in our home state. It’s already hard enough to decide!

Most of our clients or potential couples will already have decided and booked their hall. If yours isn’t on this list, don’t fret! If we were able to list all of the venues we loved, this list would be too long to read. These are just some of our personal favorites! So without further ado:


Well, well, well. Here we are at number 2. Simply put, one of our very favorites. Some of our cinematographers will list this as number one, either way, it is a fantastic venue set in the rolling hills of Andover, NJ. Without question, we have shot some our very best "first looks" at this location, and have just released one of our most amazing films of all time set against the gorgeous backdrop of this reception venue.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Crist Mill Playhouse", which is the wooden barn style building towards the rear of the property. For us, the most important part of the day is the bride and groom's prep sessions, it's where we find the underlying story of our couple. This playhouse provides us with more room than any other location we've shot in, and free's us up to create some truly amazing images that just can't be found at most prep locations. The giant full wall windows provide the most marvelous natural lighting that will take your wedding cinematography and photography to another level.

There is a secret room towards the back, that we use in some very interesting ways, including the balcony area that overlooks the garden, a fantastic setting for your first look and/or photo sessions.  Fully equipped to handle your ceremony, they provide a intimate setting right in this same area, and can swing it right under the tent should the weather not play along. (See our previous posts on why this is very important). Did I mention that they serve probably the best homemade lemonade on this side of heaven?

Family owned/operated, we've worked with two of their coordinators at different times (Mom and Daughter) and everything is organized. They have a personable feel to them, they run it like a business but treat you like a friend, and that's applies to the vendors, not just the couple. We love the backdrop, love the unique features, love the staff, and love shooting here. We look forward to taking the relaxing ride to this venue at many more future events!

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