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There are a whole plethora of reasons that one venue might be perfect for you. This “Top 5″ review is not meant to state which venue is the best in our home state of New Jersey, but rather to recap some of our most memorable experiences from the previous calendar year. When we curated this list, one of the biggest factors was how the venue affected the quality of image we were able to capture. Things like lighting, scenery, space, and organization are some of the most important things that affect not only your cinematography, but also your photography! We travel quite often, so we’ve decided to make a topic only including venues in our home state. It’s already hard enough to decide!

Most of our clients or potential couples will already have decided and booked their hall. If yours isn’t on this list, don’t fret! If we were able to list all of the venues we loved, this list would be too long to read. These are just some of our personal favorites! So without further ado:


Tough, tough decisions as we get in to the top 3. I may just have flipped a coin to figure out who goes here. Bottom line, the Somerset Palace is one of our favorite places to shoot. Anyone who has visited the Palace knows just how elegant this venue is. resembling a modern castle, that glows a pristine white, the ambience of this place is certainly modernistic and appealing. Sure, this place is really close to home for us, but there is much more that earns this venue the 3 spot. What we enjoy most about this place, is that most couples choose to host their entire day here, from the preparations through the final bell. The suites here are GENEROUS in size, and we enjoy that because we have so much room to work. The entire upstairs provides the room to explore, and for your visuals team to do some side work on the laptop, (think same day edits).

The ceremony location provides a challenge for your cinematography team, being that the processional usual starts above the altar, then winding down the stairs to the rear and back up the main aisle again. We've worked out our own special camera set-up to tackle this, and now it's just another day at the office for us! The setting is truly intimate, and we've found that to add so much to the final film edit.

The staff here operator like a well-oiled machine, and the maitre'd is ALWAYS helpful, working with us on lighting levels, positioning and the timeline for the day. We can't say enough how much that makes your cinematography and photography teams jobs that much easier. The main ballroom is spacious and well laid out, and we've shot some of our very best work at this venue because of that.

With some unique places for a first look or photography sessions (see: balcony), I think most will agree that the Somerset Palace is one of the most sought after venues in New Jersey!