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There are a whole plethora of reasons that one venue might be perfect for you. This “Top 5″ review is not meant to state which venue is the best in our home state of New Jersey, but rather to recap some of our most memorable experiences from the previous calendar year. When we curated this list, one of the biggest factors was how the venue affected the quality of image we were able to capture. Things like lighting, scenery, space, and organization are some of the most important things that affect not only your cinematography, but also your photography! We travel quite often, so we’ve decided to make a topic only including venues in our home state. It’s already hard enough to decide!

Most of our clients or potential couples will already have decided and booked their hall. If yours isn’t on this list, don’t fret! If we were able to list all of the venues we loved, this list would be too long to read. These are just some of our personal favorites! So without further ado:

NUMBER 4: The Rockleigh Country Club ~ Rockleigh, NJ

Deciding on number 4 was difficult, because we had our top 3 solidly lined up, and threw a curveball for number 5. We decided on Rockleigh as a testament to this venue's coordination and staff. If that was the sole factor of this blog, they would be lined up at number one with many other venues. I still remember my first shoot here, when I stumbled on the additional room on the (west?) wing of the venue. I was shocked that there was another wedding going on the whole time in another room, if I didn't venture out that way for some sight seeing, I would have never have known.

When booking a venue with multiple rooms that organize two wedding events on the same day, it's ultra important to be sure that the venue has a talented management team and staff that can coordinate and keep the venue from feeling claustrophobic. We've seen it in the past and it certainly can be confusing if not agitating to guests.

At The Rockleigh Country Club, you'll be amazed at just how well this place is ran (there are many others as well). In all of our many shoots here, we have always had a great camaraderie with the staff and they are always available to keep us in the loop on the happenings of the day. And for what it is worth, I've had some amazing Sea Bass at this place!

The grounds are well kept, with plenty of crystal clear water fountains, classic masonry, and different areas of greenery to provide many locations to hold your photoshoot if that is what you would decide to do. This venue gets two thumbs up from us! Follow the link below to check out some teaser shots from this venue!

Wedding Cinematography at the Rockleigh Country Club ~ Teaser Shots