TOP 5 ~ NJ Wedding Venues (Through a Cinematographers' Eyes)

*This is an ongoing thread, starting at number 5 through number 1, browse our blog to see them all!

Our favorite venues from the previous year.

There are a whole plethora of reasons that one venue might be perfect for you. This "Top 5" review is not meant to state which venue is the best in our home state of New Jersey, but rather to recap some of our most memorable experiences from the previous calendar year. When we curated this list, one of the biggest factors was how the venue affected the quality of image we were able to capture. Things like lighting, scenery, space, and organization are some of the most important things that affect not only your cinematography, but also your photography! We travel quite often, so we've decided to make a topic only including venues in our home state. It's already hard enough to decide!

Most of our clients or potential couples will already have decided and booked their hall. If yours isn't on this list, don't fret! If we were able to list all of the venues we loved, this list would be too long to read. These are just some of our personal favorites! So without further ado:

Number 5: Windows on The Water ~ Sea Bright, NJ

Ok, so I really pulled one out of the hat. Most vendors I know would raise an eyebrow here, not because there are any complaints about this great venue, but rather because there are a ton of other more popular venues in this state. So I say to them... Hear me out! I put a lot of emphasis on imagery in this series of blog posts, but do consider all factors that are important to the bride as well. Windows on the Water keeps a very organized day, the food is terrific, but the thing that catapulted them in to the 5 spot as a true underdog, was the most important thing for great imagery.... LIGHT.

In the most simplest terms, your cinematographer and photographer are doing one thing, that's capturing light creatively. If you don't have adequate or proper light, than the image quality will reflect that. (Stay tuned for our next series for more on that). Windows on the Water is a venue that appeals to the bride looking for that perfect ceremony right on the beach of the Jersey Shore.  While we have some awesome tricks to shoot a beach wedding in a way that makes us stand out, in terms of light it's really hard to screw things up. But what if the weather doesn't play along? It's the ultimate fear, and the ultimate risk in planning your wedding.

Well, this is what makes this venue stand out from the rest in terms of light. They have a indoor reception hall, that doubles for the ceremony when mama nature throws a curve ball. The entire room is nearly wall to wall giant windows. Combine that with the overcast sky that comes along with the rain, and now you have a giant softbox... the ultimate lighting tool to create romantic and beauty light.

Check out these shots to see what we mean, and pay special attention to how the light leaves no harsh shadows, how it caresses the skin so romantically, and how we can use some color grading techniques to make it "glow" so that the film feels like you are living in a dream!

NJ Cinematographer ~ Windows on the Water ~ Sea Bright, NJ Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.01.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.03.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.03.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.04.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.01.18 PM Windows on The Water ~ Sea Bright NJ

Beautiful huh?!

We love the images from this wedding day, and although it's tough to see a Bride run in to some bad weather and not have things go as she really wanted, this event was handled with precision, and everything turned out perfect! Stay tuned for Number 4!