Wedding Film Ala - Carte

4 Minute Creative Film

Coverage Options

Select a base coverage to begin your custom package. *Includes two cinematographers/two angles. 3rd camera & angle is additional $500.

  •  8 Hours ~ $2,000
  • 10 hours ~ $2,500
  • 12 Hours ~ $3,500

Creative Edits

4 Minute Creative Film

Our Creative Edits are the signature offering from our studio. We will use "Story-Driven Editing" to create a cinematic experience of your wedding day for your audience. Your film will be hosted online so that you can share socially and with your family and friends around the globe.

  • $250 per minute.

12 minute Creative Film

Documentary Edits

Our Documentary Edits will encapsulate your wedding day as it happened, in "real-time". See your ceremony or other reception events in their entirety without our subjective editing, in a multi-camera format. Includes private "wedding film website" so that you can share your film. $250 per edit, options below:

  • Ceremony
  • Reception Introductions or "Grand Entrance"
  • First Dance
  • Formal/Parent Dances
  • Toasts/Speeches/Blessings
  • Party Dancing
  • Cake Cutting/Bouquet & Garter Tosses
  • Other Cultural or Unique events

10 minute Creative Film


Additional Options:

Destination Travel: Inquire for Pricing We would love to travel around the world to film your wedding! Just fill us in on the logistics, and we will provide you with a quote that includes airfare and lodging for our cinematography team.

Multi-Day Events: $2,000 per each additional day, plus accommodations. Includes up to 6 hours of coverage with 2 cinematographers, to cover cultural events such as Sangeet, Tea Ceremony, or any other unique events you may have planned.

Teaser Trailer: $499 A trailer film foreshadowing your upcoming feature film. Get everyone excited! Approximate run time of 2 minutes.

Add Aerial/Drone Footage: $350 We will capture aerial footage to create epic establishing shots of your locations (weather/location permitting).

Creative Session: $950 Make your film truly unique by having us spend a few hours with you and capture footage in your daily routine. Whether we capture you playing a team sport, performing a hobby, or just the daily cafe trip... we can use this creative footage to put your personal stamp on your film. Available before or after your wedding day.

NEW! Upgrade to 4k resolution: $1500 Have us shoot and deliver your film in the ultra-high-defintion and clarity of 4k! See the beauty of our films with even more detail than ever before! 

Disc Authoring:  Blu-ray Pricing: $695  DVD Pricing: $495 Digital is the new standard, and offers the most convenient and future-proof method for viewing your film. If you still wish to receive disc authoring, we can create a set of three discs, complete with premium artwork and packaging.

Translations and Subtitles: $50 per minute (total run time). We will translate from most languages in to any language subtitles your toasts, ceremony and/or other dialog, so that your audience can follow along with your international guests. 

Rehearsal Party Coverage: $899 plus accommodations. We can cover your rehearsal party and capture unique moments and speeches to integrate in to your wedding film, creating a truly unique experience for your you and your audience!

Love Story Film: Starting at $2,000. Inquire for Pricing Do you wish to create a short love story film before your wedding, and show it at the reception? Let us know and we will work out custom pricing based on the scope of the project.


*Additional costs will apply for all multi-day events. Travel included for NJ/PHILA. Travel charges may apply at studio discretion.