2018-2019 Wedding Film Offerings

  1. Select Coverage Options

  2. Choose Feature Film

  3. Finish with any Enhancement Offerings

Coverage Options

All of our films are shot with 3 camera coverage, Just select how many hours you'll need. Most weddings need 10 hours of coverage.

Each hour Coverage: $350 (Min 6 per day)
Aerial Cinematography: $500

    Feature Films

    Our Feature Films are created by weaving beautiful cinematic footage along with dialog, natural sound and a musical soundtrack to bring the story of your wedding day to life. We focus on both the intimate moments, as well as your family and guests to fully encapsulate the experience of your event. While all of our feature films are finely crafted with classic filmmaking techniques, these are true documentaries that feel worthy of the big screen.

    4 Minute Film:   $500
    7 Minute Film:   $1000

    10 Minute Film: $1500
    *additonal minutes $200 per

    Same Day Edit: $2000
    We will shoot and edit a 4 minute feature film and show it at your reception. Minimum 10 hours coverage required to create a Same Day Edit.


    Put some personal and unique touches on your film package. These enhancements will add more production value to your film.

    Documentary edits: $1000
    This is raw footage done right. Using all natural sound, you can watch your ceremony and all main events at your reception just the way they happened, and in their entirety.

    Multi-Day Edits: $750
    An additional real-time edit for Sangeets, Tea Ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, or other multi-day events. 

    Pre-Release: $500
    A combo of edits to get everyone excited for your films release. Includes a 2 minute trailer film foreshadowing your upcoming feature, along with a 60 second cutdown version for Instagram! 

    Raw Footage: $650
    Raw footage & files transferred on client provided HDD.

    Adventure Session: $Custom.
    Let us capture unique footage to use in your feature film. Getting married at a gorgeous location or destination? Let's dedicate a day with you and our team to capture some real eye candy. Think Sailing, Underwater Adventures, Romantic Beach Sunset Walks, Mountain Hiking.... the Sky is the limit!

    *Aerial Cinematography not available in area that prohibits drone use
    **All commissions must include a Feature Film or Same Day Edit. We do not offer "coverage only" services at this time.